NativeShell Roadmap

There's so much to do! I've been lucky enough to be able to work on NativeShell for quite some time now, but to keep up the pace I need your help. You can sponsor NativeShell development through Github Sponsors .

Here are some features I'd love to work on:


  • Dire need for documentation and examples
  • Improved window management (saving and restoring positions, relative window positioning, popovers, etc.)
  • Expose Screens / Displays to Dart
  • System dialogs (message boxes, file selection)
  • Creating self contained packages / bundles for distribution
  • Support for Flutter plugins (packages containing native code) (done)


  • Lightweight isolates for desktop (improve window opening performance and reduce overhead for each window)
  • Allow using actual context menu for select/copy/paste operations on TextEdits
  • Better handling of fractional scaling (hopefully implement snapping on physical pixels at framework level)
  • Partial redraw (significantly improve battery life in situations where only part of the screen changes, like a spinner or cursor)
If any of these sound good to you, or you depend on NativeShell for you project, please consider picking one of the sponsorship tiers.
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